Teaneck Stays Together (TST)

Welcome to Teaneck Stays Together (TST), a branch of the not-for-profit organization Teaneck Comes Together (TCT). TST provides opportunities for recent Teaneck alumni to stay connected with the Teaneck community and give back to Teaneck’s youth. Through social networking, mixers and community events, TST fosters opportunities for alumni to remain active in the town. We understand that many students go off to college or explore other endeavors, however TST’s purpose is to preserve their interests in their hometown roots. Our current involvement under TCT will allow us to achieve these goals and strengthen our impact. We invite you to join our program, understand our purpose and support our events.

About TST


Teaneck Stays Together’s mission is to reconnect and sustain relationships amongst young adults who have benefitted from Teaneck Comes Together’s (TCT’s) programs. We also seek to strengthen TCT’s alumni support in order to maintain community involvement, so that each person feels connected and committed to the growth of Teaneck’s youth population. We will achieve these things by providing networking opportunities and social events.


Our vision is to keep local college students and recent college graduates from Teaneck connected to the Teaneck community. We want them to be aware of social and educational changes within the town and will encourage them to be active within the community. Five years from now TST will be widely known amongst Teaneck residents as an organization under TCT that continues to work for the growth of Teaneck’s youth population. 

Get Involved
  • Attend a networking event
  • Participate in a social outing
  • Volunteer in our community service activities
  • Get involved in a mentoring opportunity


Coordinators: Khalil Wilkes & Jason Juxon Smith